Touch Calendar Free 1.0.17

A new version of the free app after some time!

The changes:

  • the expiry time of the app has been removed. If you have an earlier version you must upgrade to this one before 31st May 2011 or it will expire.
  • “Add Event” has been moved to the front of the menu
  • Fix for issue on Honeycomb where tapping events would not open them
  • Font size increase on tablets

Touch Calendar 1.0.9

The new version of Touch Calendar just released has a couple of changes for the widget:

  • New widget option to change tap action so you can tap the widget to add an event instead of opening the calendar
  • Maximum events per day on widget increased to 8 (from 4)

Touch Calendar 1.0.8

This release is mainly to fix the “duplicating events” issue:

  • fix: for issue where events were shown twice in each cell when default zoom was set to “fully zoomed out”
  • change: event end times will not be shown when same as start time
  • fix for issue on Xoom where tapping events would not open them

Touch Calendar 1.0.7

Another update for Touch Calendar (full version), with a couple of much-requested new features:

  • new feature: duplicate event option added to event info screen (tap an event, then press MENU to see the option)
  • new feature: contact email addresses will auto-complete in the ‘Guests’ field
  • fix: issue where ‘Zoom to Date’ would sometimes move calendar several weeks into the future
  • five new colour schemes: ‘blue and white’, ‘green and white’, ‘purple and white’, ‘pink and white’, ‘purple and green’

Touch Calendar 1.0.6

Lots of updates at the moment I know!

This one’s to provide a workaround for issues some people have been having on Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab devices, where events added on the phone or tablet don’t sync to Google Calendar.

The workaround is a new setting: “Edit in built-in calendar”. Check this and you’ll be able to use the Samsung calendar to add/edit/view events, which means they’ll sync to Google Calendar correctly.

Note: I don’t recommend using this setting for any other devices.

Touch Calendar 1.0.5

New version of Touch Calendar just released:

  • adds an option to remove the settings icon from the widget
  • adds ‘Zoom to date’ to the context menu (tap-and-hold on a date)

Note: Version 1.0.4 fixed a minor bug to do with new event times that was introduced in 1.0.3

Differences between Touch Calendar full and free versions

Touch Calendar Free is a fully usable app, but from now on development is focused on the full version, so all new features and most fixes will go there.

Here are the things the full version of Touch Calendar has that the free version doesn’t:

  • Home screen widgets (4×1, 4×2, 4×3, 4×4 sizes; resizable in Android 3.1)
  • Translations: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese.
  • More colour schemes (including a dark theme, and also ‘orange and white’, ‘orange and blue’, ‘green and white’, ‘purple and white’, ‘pink and white’, ‘purple and green’)
  • The quick calendar selector – a popup window that lets you quickly turn calendars on and off
  • ‘Zoom to date’ from the context menu (tap-and-hold on a date) in the main app, or just by double-tapping
  • ‘Duplicate event’ feature
  • Search in the description field
  • Search integrates with the Android quick search box
  • Time format options

There’ll be much more added to this list soon, so I’ll keep this post up to date as things get released.

Touch Calendar 1.0.3

This new version adds a settings screen with several options to the widget:

  • set how many weeks are displayed
  • set how far in the past the widget starts displaying (how many “past weeks”)
  • set the starting day
  • set the font size

Also added two new colour schemes: “orange and white” and “orange and blue”.

Also, an ‘Add event’ option has been added to the main app menu. This is in addition to the usual way of adding an event, by tap-and-hold on a date.

Finally a small bug where the ‘@’ symbol could appear on its own when ‘Show location’ was turned on has been fixed.


FAQ: why are some of my calendars not visible in Touch Calendar?

Touch Calendar displays calendar data from your phone’s calendar database. ¬†This means that syncing of calendars is done by your phone and must be turned on in your phone’s settings.

If you have no calendars or syncing set up, go to your phone’s settings, then Accounts & Sync, and set up the accounts you want to sync from.

If you’ve already done this but can’t see the calendars you’re expecting, you may need to check the calendar sync settings. Usually these settings are accessed from your phone’s built-in calendar. Go to the built-in calendar and look for something like a “Calendars” or “My calendars” or “Select calendars” option. Make sure the calendars you want to see are synced and visible.