Download and purchase problems on the Android Market

It looks like the Android Market is not having a good day for some reason. Lots of people are seeing payments not authorised or downloads not working.

If this has happened to you when trying to buy or download Touch Calendar, apologies. It seems to be affecting all paid apps at the moment. It looks like it’s getting a bit better so please try again. Thanks for your patience!

Touch Calendar 1.0.13

A few nice changes in this new version:

  • Visual update: new cleaner look
  • Dark theme added (feedback welcome!)
  • Much faster startup
  • Widget is now bigger
  • Zoom buttons are now off by default (but can be turned on in settings)
  • Fix for issue where all day event bubbles sometimes didn’t display properly

Touch Calendar Free 1.0.18

Touch Calendar Free gets a new version too!

  • Visual update: new cleaner look
  • New colour scheme: blue and white
  • Zoom buttons are now off by default (but can be turned on in settings)
  • Fix for issue where all day event bubbles sometimes didn’t display properly

Touch Calendar 1.0.12

This isn’t a new update, just forgot to post this update until now.

  • “Select calendars” option screen added to widget settings – calendars can now be selected separately for each widget
  • Added several more reminder time options
  • Fix for issue where calendar would start on a random date, goto date/today would not go to the correct date, and widget taps would go to the wrong date sometimes. Also fixed related ‘double-events’ issue. If you still see this happening, please let me know!

FAQ: Help, all my calendar entries just disappeared!

If all your events just recently disappeared from Touch Calendar, this is not the app’s fault. Your calendar data is stored in the Android calendar database not by Touch Calendar, so it’s not possible for the app to lose your data. There seems to be a Google Calendar issue at the moment causing the data to disappear from some phones – Google is looking into it, see here for details:

If this happens to you, you may find your events are still present on Google Calendar on the web. Check at

Feature spotlight: repeating events in Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar makes it easy to add custom repeating events including biweekly events, monthly events, and events that happen every Tuesday and Thursday.

To add a repeating event in Touch Calendar, start adding an event in the usual way (tap-and-hold on a date or use the ‘Add event’ menu item). Then scroll down in the add event screen to see the ‘Repetition’ heading. Under that you’ll see a drop-down box with options as shown here.

Repetition options

The repetition options

Adding a biweekly event

A biweekly event

To add a biweekly event, you should select the “Every x weeks” option. Then you’ll see further options appear below the drop-down box, after you how often in weeks you want the event to repeat, and if you want to set an end date for the repetition.

An event every Tuesday and Friday

Settings for an event on selected days of the week

Alternatively, if you want to have an event repeat every Tuesday and Friday, you should select the “On selected days every week” option. You’ll then see a series of checkboxes appear for you to select which days you want the event to occur on, and again to allow you to set an end date.

Touch Calendar 1.0.11

Quick fix release for some force close issues that randomly pop up in some situations after installing or removing widgets.
  • fix for some force close issues related to widgets
  • swapped search and refresh in the menu

Touch Calendar 1.0.10

A fairly big update this time, with new features, fixes and widget options:

  • Fix to ensure the app works without a data connection
  • New option to search in description field
  • Added ability to integrate search with Android Quick Search Box (Touch Calendar will now appear under ‘Searchable items’ in your phone’s search settings)
  • New option for time format with shorter time formats
  • Widget: added time format options
  • Widget: fix for issue where taps on widget went to the wrong day
  • Widget is now resizable in Android 3.1