Searchify: Unit Convertor

To use Searchify’s unit convertor, simply type a quantity such as “10 pints” or “2 miles” into the search box.  Searchify will return a list of conversions for that quantity.

Searchify recognises different ways of writing units, so you can enter “10lb” or “10 pounds”.

Searchify will try to work out whether you’ll prefer UK or US units for things like pints.  If you want to change this, you can do so in Searchify Settings.

The units supported are:

MASS: kg, g, mg, lb, oz, stone, cwt, ton

LENGTH: km, m, cm, mm, in, ft, yards, furlongs, miles, leagues

AREA: m², ft², hectares, acres, football pitches

VOLUME: ml, l, fl. oz, pints, gallons, cups, tbsp


ENERGY: J, kJ, calories, kWh

PRESSURE: Pa, bar, atm, psi, Torr (mmHg), inHg, cmH2O

POWER: W, kW, MW, mW, horsepower, boiler horsepower (bhp), electric horsepower (ehp), cal/s, BTU/s

TORQUE: Nm, Ncm, kg-metre, pound-feet, pound-inch

If you’d like to see other units added, let me know.

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