Searchify is slow, how can I speed things up?

Some older phones (e.g. the G1) can take some time to process Searchify searches.  Changing some of the options in Searchify Settings can speed things up though.

The best way to speed things up is to add keywords to searches, particularly Wikipedia Search.  For example, add a keyword of wiki to Wikipedia Search.  This will mean the app won’t send a query to wikipedia for every letter you type.  Adding a keyword to Calendar Entry might also help as that module does a lot of processing.

How do I add a keyword?

Go to Searchify Settings from the icon in the app launcher of your phone.  Tap and hold on the ‘Wikipedia’ entry.  Select ‘Set keyword’ from the context menu, and enter the keyword you want.

How do I use Wikipedia Search once I’ve set a keyword of ‘wiki’?

Just type ‘wiki’ before your search terms.  E.g. “wiki henry” to search wikipedia for “henry”.

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